home network security help/question please help

  Androidpro 10:07 07 Nov 2013

I need some help on a few things regarding my home network. I am connected through Comcast, I have a netgear dual-band wireless router which is secured wpa2-psk. Here is what I have done so far to secure my network. I changed the factory set administrative password for my router, I made both admin and WiFi access passwords ridiculously long and with random characters (numbers/letters) I set up a WiFi access list (only devices with Mac address that I submit on the list are permitted access, even if correct password is entered, if the Mac address isn't on the list, the device will be denied access) so here is the problem. My neighbor is a c++ certified/network engineer, he knows his stuff. He was originally using my network and I allowed him to until he started abusing the bandwidth and ignored several requests to stop hogging the bandwidth. He had an airave connected, a roku box, and I found out he was using a router of his own to bridge/amplify the connection, as well as a media server all going on at once. I reset my router in the middle of the night, changed the admin and WiFi passwords, and then added all the extra security to keep him from hacking my network. The problem is, I believe he has hacked my network anyways. I have done a lot of research and I know its possible for my network infrastructure to pick up on outside devices, but after investigating further, I know thats not it. I will see a media router just pop up for a few minutes and then disappear, I've seen my own devices multiply as in the network doubles my own device on the infrastructure, and now I'm seeing this, the laptop which is connected direct Ethernet is recognized differently by my network infrastructure, originally it would show as a regular PC, now it is showing as a "network device" with the media device logo, and under model it shows as "windows media player sharing" I do not have that enabled on my laptop, and it never was recognized this way before, and it only shows up momentarily and then disappears. I clicked properties so I could keep the information up. My connection will drop to a weak signal out of no where, I'll be standing next to my router and the signal strength on my nexus 7 tablet will be weak. I'll check the network infrastructure and sure enough, I will see something new or different on there and It pops up and then disappears. I keep changing things around on my network and he keeps getting back on. I think he is using a rogue device, but I'm not sure. I thought about using a static IP but I don't know enough about that or if it will work. Can someone please help me out, I am almost positive he is hacking my network, I believe he is accessing my connection in multiple ways to avoid detection. The main way I believe he was doing it is by using a rogue device, or by piggy backing off one of my devices that are connected. But now I believe he found out which Mac address was connected through Ethernet and somehow has that device (laptop) repeating the signal to his device. If anyone has any ideas or advice please help, thank you in advance

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