Home network problems - can't see one laptop

  reburner57 10:55 08 Apr 2006

I have a linksys wireless router with one desktop hardwired to it and two laptops, a toshiba and an HP, with wireless connections.
All 3 computers can connect to the internet through the router with no problems.
However the toshiba can neither see or be seen by the other two machines.
The only active firewall is on the router and all machines have file sharing turned on.
The only indicator that something is amiss is the Toshiba connection status is permanently at "Acquiring network address" whilst the HP is connected.
If I run the Toshiba Connectivity Doctor it is telling me "IP Address not set properly (C19)
Any help greatly appreciated

  mgmcc 14:04 08 Apr 2006

If all three computers can connect to the internet through the router, i.e. each computer has got its IP address from the router, the Toshiba cannot be permanently trying to acquire its IP address - that doesn't make sense.

Is the only connection between computers the one via the router - you haven't tried to set up a direct connection between them as well?

  howard63 11:29 09 Apr 2006

have you tried setting the ip address permanently for this laptop. The router I set up recently gave an Ip address for setting it up and registering everything. This gives the range of the ip address. With the two pcs that are working ok you can bring up the command prompt and type ipconfig /all then press the enter key. This should show what ip address the pc is using. Make a note of this for both pcs that are ok. Then set the non working one to use a set ip address in the range of the others but a different last number. ie 81 - 192 - 0 - 1 and 2 for the good one then set other one to 3.

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