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  krsna 15:26 06 May 2004

I have 2 pcs connected by NICs and cable and I used to be able to use internet on both using BT broadband, but recently the client pc has become very slow when trying to surf on it. The host pc is working very well. On the client pc if I go to the google site that is ok but almost any other site all that happens is that it times out. It is the same if I try and get email on my client pc it just seems to time out. I have changed the cable but no change.I have gone through the networking wizard. I have carried out Ping tests on both pc's and they seem ok. Like I said it used to work superbly. Both pc's use XP.Any ideas what I could do next?

  scooby43 15:37 06 May 2004

I think this is a DNS problem

  scooby43 15:57 06 May 2004

I had trouble with keep getting page cannot be displayed.
click here

  recap 16:06 06 May 2004

As scooby43 says it may be a DNS problem. Check your DNS settings. You could also clear the Internet cache on the client machine.

  krsna 18:13 06 May 2004

scooby43 can you please explain further, I clicked on your url but not sure what to do next.

recap how do I check my DNS setting, and clear the internet cache.

Sorry for being so thick, lads, but I could do with a bit of step by step guidance.

  recap 08:44 07 May 2004

In your browser (Internet Explorer) go to Tools/Internet Options/General Tab/Delete Cookies/Delete Files, the last two options should delete all cookies and temp Internet files. To double check this, right click C:/Explore in the left hand window look down the tree for Cookies and Temp Internet Files (everything is alphabetical). Open each folder in turn to see if everything has been deleted. Note, in Cookies there is a DAT.file that should still be there and cannot be deleted, leave this one there.

DNS, right click Network Neibourhood scroll down to the TCP/IP option, right click this and look at the DNS tab. You will need to check your original ISP DNS settings to see if they are correct.

  scooby43 09:56 07 May 2004

I use to have some registry fix for this cant remmeber where I got it from ill look into it.

  krsna 11:11 10 May 2004

I managed to clear the internet cache following recap's instructions above, but I am lost as to how to check the DNS, not sure where Network Neighbourhood is.
But clearing the cache has not resolved the problem, so I took the pc to the other room & plugged it into the BT broadband modem via USB and it worked very fast on the internet, but unfortunately it seemed to have picked up a virus and I started getting pop messages and my AVG antivirus program gave warnings about a virus. I went to the microsoft site & did check my PC infected but it said not.I downloaded the patch for KB835732 etc. I did a virus check with AVG and it found about 4 virus it could not delete 2 of them, I tried other antivirus sites but then my pc started behaving very eratic. It will now not turn off, it will not run AVG, and it kept trying to go on the internet, as if some program is trying to go to some site. I did a reinstall of XP but this has not cleared the problem, I ran Adware & Spybot still no difference. I am really lost as what could be the problem. I am begining to think that the slow LAN surfing is due to some virus or program that is using the PC's resource up.

  recap 12:31 10 May 2004

Have you taken note of the name of the virus, if so go to Symantic and find the fix for it. Your best option would be to boot up in safe mode (press F8 on boot up) with Restore disabled and try to rid your system of the virus.

With you finding viruses on your system I would think you are correct in your assumption that this is the problem and has been all along.

  krsna 12:56 10 May 2004

Do I take Restore off first and reboot in safe mode and then go to symantic site. Also how do I disable restore?

  krsna 11:04 11 May 2004

I think I have got rid of the virus now but still the pc does not manage to surf or pick up email when connected by the LAN. I can get to the google site but not much else. If I surf via USB to the broadband direct it is ok. When on the LAN I have done a ping test & that seems ok. Is it a DNS problem?
Also the pc does not turn off when shut down is selected and when I tried to check what programs are running at start up using msconfig in the run box I get a flash of the dialog box for about 2 secs and then it disappears, so I cannot see what programs are in start up.

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