Home Network Problem

  Vit 11:01 22 Dec 2003

My son and his friend have come home for the summer holidays from university, and have purchased a pc each.
They both have the L7MM2 mother board, 2.4 AMD PCU's and 512mg RAM

Here at home I have a home network set up, with a 5 port hub.

My pc, my wife's pc and my daughters pc all run on the network without a problem.
My machine has a MSI KM2M motherboard, my wife has an ASUS A7V8X-X and my daughter also an ASUS.

All machines are running Win XP Pro

The network was set up via the XP Networking Set Up disk.

However, we just cannot get these 2 new pc's with the L7MM2 motherboards to network correctly.
They can access the internet no problem, but we just cannot see them on the network.
We cannot share data. ( Sharing has been enabled.)

The strange thing is, the L7MM2 's can ping me and my wife and daughter, but we cannot ping them.
Each L7MM2 cannot ping eachother.

This is of concern as we were wanting to play a mulit-player game on the network.

As an experiment, I pulled out an old pc of ours running Win98, plugged it into the network hub, and ran the Network Set Up disk and viola, it was on our home network without a problem.

I hvae paid money to have a so called expert to look at my network but even he cannot get them to join the network.

I would be greatly appreciative if anyone could come up with any ideas on how to solve this problem.

Thanks, Vit

  The Spires 11:13 22 Dec 2003

Did you set both Pc's with any firewall off, exiting a firewall often isn't enough, you need to set the firewall not to start with windows, then reboot.

  Vit 12:25 22 Dec 2003

Thanks Spires, I had overlooked one thing. Both pc's have PC-Cillin installed and the personal firewall enabled. Unchecking the firewall box has solved this problem. 3 weeks of frustration have come to an end.
Thanks, Vit

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