AP22 11:02 22 Mar 2005

I have my laptop and PC on a home wireless network through a broadband router. I have two printers (not wireless)attached to the PC connected through a simple switch box. The PC has set these up to share with the laptop.

The laptop can print to one printer OK. However, when it prints to the other nothing happens. If I put the printer dialogue box up on the PC screen and press print on the laptop, I can see the document going to the print spooler and then the PC printer dialogue box clears. Still nothing prints.

Any ideas please?

  SANTOS7 11:08 22 Mar 2005

click here
not sure why you would need two printers when if you are sharing between your two PCs you only need one.

  AP22 11:14 22 Mar 2005

Thank you for the helpful link. I think I have set up the sharing correctly. Reason for two printeres is that one is colour ink jet and the other a laser.

  recap 11:31 22 Mar 2005

This maybe a silly question but, is it the switch box at fault?

  AP22 11:35 22 Mar 2005

Not a silly question at all. I don't think there is a problem. It is new (Belkin) and switches perfectly well when the PC wants to select a printer.

  FelixTCat 11:52 22 Mar 2005

How does the switch box know which printer to use?

  AP22 11:54 22 Mar 2005

It is manual. I switch it to the printer I want.

  recap 11:59 22 Mar 2005

Have you installed the software for each printer on the laptop?

  AP22 12:01 22 Mar 2005

Yes I have done that. The laptop can find the printer and it is shown as available in the Printers Control Panel box.

  FelixTCat 13:27 22 Mar 2005

Try connecting the printer that doesn't work direct to the pc and then try network printing. That will eliminate the switch box - you may just have a driver problem.

  AP22 13:46 22 Mar 2005

Thanks. Difficult to do that because I only have 1 parallel port on the PC and that needs to go to the input on the switch!

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