Home Network Printer driver.

  The Dazza 15:17 12 Sep 2004

I've just successfully Networked 2 pc's at home and can view files etc but I can't print. When trying to print I get the message "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed." The printer is working fine on my other pc and the printer is set as shared. Please help.

  The Dazza 21:21 13 Sep 2004

Windows ME and Windows 2000. Thanks

  Strawballs 23:48 13 Sep 2004

I am running XP on the machine with the printer and 98se on the other and when I set up printer shareing it asked me to install the 98 drivers for the printer on the XP machine then it worked maybe something similar on your setup.

  ensonricky 00:14 14 Sep 2004

strawballs is qiite correct you will need to load the printer drivers on your remote pc.

  The Dazza 20:27 14 Sep 2004

It won't let me. It goes through the wizard but right at the very end where you get the option to finish it says "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed." It seems to let me install the drivers and that message comes up at the end. (This happens when adding new printer or adding new Network printer - I've tried both). Thanks.

  The Dazza 19:39 06 Oct 2004

I downloaded the latest driver from Lexmark and installed it on my 2nd PC. I can now print on both machines. Thanks.

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