Home network only using 1% of bandwidth

  Jinx ;-) 23:22 13 Mar 2006

I have a home network with 4 PCs using 10/100 ethernet nics linked via an ADSL Modem 4 port Router.

I need to move large video files (appx 1Gb each) between machines, however despite having tried both auto sensing and forcing full duplex on the nic configurations, the task manager network tab shows I only ever use about 1% of my available bandwidth.

Is it uinresonable of me to expect that the majority ofthe available band width should be utilised ?

If not, can anybody please advise me on what to check, change, amend configure etc to optimise the bandwidth usage.

many thanks

  Danoh 11:46 14 Mar 2006

You are right to expect quite a bit more then 1% ... !!
I'm presuming you are using cables in good condition, and that you haven't set any bandwidth goverance on your modem (e.g. QoS stuff for VOIP)?

Are any of your cables run close to transformers, electrical motors or other devices which induces a large electro-magnetic flux?

I don't have network trouble-shooting experience to be able to suggest more then logical possibilities, but hope even those could trigger a resolution.

  Danoh 11:47 14 Mar 2006

goverance => should be => governance

  Jinx ;-) 13:39 14 Mar 2006

Thanks for the suggestions Danoh.

No restrictions that I'm aware of but I will now take another trwal through the router settings.

Interesting point on the power interferance. This is a possability and I will move the cables around to see if it effects the bandwidth used.

Again, thanks for the ideas.

If there are any other suggestions out there I more than willing to hear them. Ta

  Danoh 13:53 14 Mar 2006

Would be useful to know the make and model of your ADSL Modem too.

All your Ethernet devices are shown working OK in device manager, on each PC?

signals are D/C rather then A/C in nature so coiling round ferous materials should not strangle throughput.

  Danoh 11:07 15 Mar 2006

Could it be a bottleneck within your PC's rather then the network? What throughout did you get if you just connected 2 of your PCs together with a crossover cable?

  Jinx ;-) 20:59 15 Mar 2006

Moving cables away from electrical sources has had a negligable effect.

Performing the cross over cable connection has revealed that 1 particular NIC runs slow. i.e when testing between ant 2 of my 4 machines the connection was always slow when a particular machine was linked. Swapped out the card for a spare and Hey Presto, back to normal.

Rather anoying though as I had performed diagnostics on the card and windows reported no driver or hardware issues. I should have thought of the direct cable connection to test this out. Many thanks for the ideas Danoh. Just what I needed.



  Danoh 21:53 15 Mar 2006

I was just on the sidelines ~ pleased my cheering did something obliquely related to your own resolution :-)

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