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  bb2009 13:09 25 Aug 2008

Hello, I will soon be starting to study for my MCSE & CCNA and I am trying to create a small home network to practice on. I have some knowledge of the fundamentals of TCP/IP but I am stuck already. Please could someone point me in the right direction for answers on the following problem


Router 1 : Netgear home router (internet access)

Switch : Netgear 8 port gigabyte switch

Server 1 : Windows 2003 Enterprise (ip address reserved on the above router)

Client 1 : Windows XP SP1


Server 1 - DHCP enabled and DNS set-up


I cannot join Client 1 to my Domain london.co.uk.local on Server 1 (DNS) - I get a domain controller could not be contacted

I cannot even ping Server 1 from Client 1 or vice-versa. They can both ping the Router

All NIC speeds are set to 100 full.

Please could someone comment and help. I can see this being the start of a long journey it is pretty good fun though



  brundle 15:39 25 Aug 2008

Can you see the other machine if you do an

arp -a


Are you using the server for DHCP or the router?

  ambra4 15:43 25 Aug 2008

Set all NIC speeds to Auto

Turn off DHCP and DNS on the server if DHCP and DNS is Enable on the router

  bb2009 10:28 26 Aug 2008

Morning, thanks for the advice...ok, so far

1. All NIC sppeds set to auto

2. All firewalls turned off on the clients, if I try to turn it off on the server it says : 'windows firewall cannot run because another program or service is running that might use the NAT component IPnat.sys

3.DHCP and DNS services on Server 1 have been stopped.

4. Arp-a produces just the ip address of the router

5. Client 1 cannot ping Client 2 or Server 1 and vice versa. i am pinging using IP. They can all ping the router

I deally I want to be able to have them all pinging each other and my DNS and DHCP back up and running on my Domain Controller so I can start practising

I realise I can create a network via the switch in a big workgroup but I am looking to go the DC route

Cheers for your help so far

  brundle 12:30 26 Aug 2008

Is it this model switch? click here

Are the link lights on, switch and NIC interface?

Correct cables? Straight-through not crossover for switch < > PC and switch < > router.

Run Network Monitor on the server or Wireshark on one of the clients to see what's actually ocurring.

  wolfman2g1 20:36 26 Nov 2008

i had this problem when i was setting up my lab. in your netgear router you have to manually enter the dns address which would be your DC's address. and then you have to tell your DC to use your router as it's secondary dns. thing is also is that you will need to tell your router to use a secondary external dns so you can still access the internet

  recap 22:44 26 Nov 2008

You could install a second NIC in the server for the Internet. Then you could set the Internet NIC to auto and set the network NIC to what ever you want in the range from -

Run a command prompt on all client machines with the command line of: ipconfig /all
Note there is a space between ipconfig /
This will then inform you of what information is on each client you may then be able to see where your problem lies.

Active Directory cannot run without DNS but can run without DHCP, with a small network it is not necessary to have DHCP running, unless as you are doing running it to practice with.

  Tech Guy 16:03 28 Nov 2008


Here a good place to start if you want to build a lab for your studies, remember for your CCNA you need cisco kit - not netgear.

click here

And here's my lab for you to drool over ;-)
It served me for both MCSE 2000 and CCNA. Adding bits as I go along.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

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