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  Phil930 17:25 10 Oct 2004

I have BT Yahoo BB 512k, only recently became available. We have two computers in the house, and from my experience in the USA i decided to connect one 'wired' and one 'wireless'.

The wired one connects to the ADSL Modem/Wireless Router.

My problem is the wireless connection i am receiving is awful and its more pain than its worth. I am experienced with wireless and have tried all signals etc to improve but no go. its a shame, its only 25ft from the router.

What i want to do is create two wired connections to the router. I want to have my room connected to the router with network cable running either in the wall cavaties of around the outside of the house (not a big distance).

Can anyone advise me of companies that would install this cabling for me as i want a professional job and not one of my home DIY attempts!!

  johnnyrocker 17:28 10 Oct 2004

you dont say where you are but i would suggest a google search for communications companies as a starting point.


  Phil930 17:32 10 Oct 2004

i'm sorry, i'm located in Basingstoke in Hampshire, UK

  Phil930 18:54 10 Oct 2004


  TomG 20:55 10 Oct 2004

You could try yellow pages or the thopmson directory. I've noticed that belkin are now including a leaflet in the box with their networking products offering to arrange installation.

A word of caution - getting someone in could be very expensive - why not go wireless its not really that difficult

  Phil930 23:43 10 Oct 2004

i am wireless but getting a really bad signal in the house.

i've been through all the frequencies and options and still i lose my connection very frequently.

I am tryig to palce the router in a different area but cable length etc is restricting that, however, i will persevere.

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