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home network different for each PC

  awest3 17:04 30 Jul 2018

Hi, I have a simple home network based on a sky router. When I use my main Desktop I logon to a sky id viz 'SKYXXXX', when I use another desktop also hard wired to the router I seem to logon to a 'solwise' id ( got rid of solwise some time ago. when I logon with my laptop, again hard wired to the router I get logged on to 'Network3'. I'm a mite confused by this as they are all hard wired into the same router and, I thought, should all use the same logon ID viz SKYXXXX. Could someone explain this to me please and let me know if its normal behaviour. Thank Al

  Taff™ 08:19 31 Jul 2018

This is not unusual. I have the same. It is merely the "Network Name" that the specific Device remembers.

To get rid of it get into Network connections and delete every connection (Manage Connections) then reboot and sign in again. Then they should all be on the same "Named SSID"

  Taff™ 12:14 31 Jul 2018

Must admit I missed that but my answer still works. Just unplug the internet cables and do as I said. Then reboot router. then attach the computers back to the router.

  awest3 14:42 01 Aug 2018

Thank you for your suggestions, I'll give it try and report back.

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