Home Network for 3 PC's

  freaky 20:58 02 Jan 2010

I have two PC's using Win XP in room (A) and another PC also running XP in room (B).

The PC's in (A) are connected to a cable Modem via crossover cable. (B) is connected via a Belking Router and Belking USB Adapter.

From a security point of view I would assume that the PC's in (A) would be OK, but (B) would not be.

Do I need to encrypt (B) as I note it's showing a number of other available connections of different networks.

  freaky 11:23 03 Jan 2010

I should of added the fact I'm using Virgin Cable for my broadband connection.

  mgmcc 12:25 03 Jan 2010

>>> The PC's in (A) are connected to a cable Modem via crossover cable.

I don't follow this at all. You can only connect one computer (or a router) to Virgin's cable Modem and you wouldn't use a "crossover" cable, whose function is primarily to connect two computers directly via their network adapters.

As regards the PC connecting wirelessly, the connection should be encrypted, preferably using WPA or WPA2.

  freaky 13:00 03 Jan 2010


The two PC's in room (A) each have a Netgear FA311v2 PCI Adapter. They are wired to each other via long yellow cable.

I also have a Belkin 2.4 ghz Wireless Router in room (A) and a Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter for the PC in room (B). This has been running OK until last week when the 4 year old router broke down. I replaced it with new Belkin Router on Thursday and all is OK.

The PC in room (B) has a Belkin Wireless USB Utility Icon on the desktop. When I click on this it shows the network status and also a number of other available networks in the vicinity.

I would assume that as the PC's in room (A) are not using a Wireless connection, there is no security risk. However this probably would not apply to the PC in room (B). Hence my question.

Hope the above answers the points you raided.

  freaky 18:52 06 Jan 2010

Sorry for the delay in replying. I will load the Belkin Router CD again and see if WPA or WPA2 are available. If you have any hints/tips in the meantime please let me know.


  mgmcc 20:22 06 Jan 2010

Why are the two computers in room (A) connected together with a long yellow (presumably "crossover") cable instead of both connecting directly with conventional ethernet cables to the router? This setup doesn't appear to make any sense.

  freaky 20:51 06 Jan 2010

Because it was done before my wife had a computer in room (B). When she had the computer I bought the Router. The current system work's OK, but I am concerned about how secure her computer is, hence my post.

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