home network

  chrisjohn 13:54 05 Feb 2006

the main pc is ok,can access files on it,set up 2 other pc's on network,can see each others shared files in local network folder,but cant access them,message says no access permisions,not accesible,u can also see all the pc's in workgroup computers.any help please.

  chrisjohn 14:54 05 Feb 2006

all ok exept when i try to use shared files on the laptop,logging on at one of the other pc's,it asks for a password ?

  chrisjohn 11:13 06 Feb 2006


  keewaa 12:06 06 Feb 2006

Need alot more info.... XP home or pro or 98 or linux? router, hub, switch? Internet working if being used? Wireless or ethernet? etc.

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