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  orangewhiteblue 09:10 12 Mar 2004


I have two computers in seperate rooms (both using XP). Each room has a phone point (one line). I have a broadband connection (BT).

Is it possible to use the phone points/internal wiring to connect the computers on a network?

Would it affect the phone line?

If so would a bog standard 10/100 network card be suitable?

Would I be able to use my broadband connection on both computers?


  byfordr 09:31 12 Mar 2004

You can either connect directly via crossover cable (pc to pc via network ports) or setup up some form of network. Either wireless or using CAT5 and routers.

This threads and the links in it have a bit more about it. click here


  Jakey boy 09:38 12 Mar 2004
  orangewhiteblue 09:39 12 Mar 2004

Two problems:
1) I can't afford wireless
2) It would be very difficult to hide a cabled route.

I have read some where about using the internal phone wiring but it didn't give enough details for me (something about HomePNA).

  byfordr 09:52 12 Mar 2004

You can set up a wireless network for as cheap as £50. Get a wireless router, and a cheap wireless card. Plug one pc into the router, and one into the wireless card.


  orangewhiteblue 09:57 12 Mar 2004

Any suggestions as to where you can get them so cheap?

  georgemac 10:07 12 Mar 2004

click here this is the first I have heard of this, but this shows diagrams of how it can be done.

There would appear to be drawbacks, it looks American and I searched ebuyer and could find no homepna products.

click here even with the latest standard homepna 2.0 if you could get the kit, the speed is only 10 Mbps compared to 100 Mbps for a true network.

How are your phone sockets wired, is one connected to the other? If so could you not disconnect 1 socket, attach the network cable to the phone cable and pul the network cable through to the next room with the phone cable, pull enough cable through to go back again with the phone cable reattached?

If you have no experience of pulling cables forget this as if you lose one of then it will be a disaster. Do you have any sparky mates who could do this for you.

click here have good prices on networking cables and connectors, and you can get network cards from ebuyer cheap click here one required for each pc

  byfordr 10:07 12 Mar 2004

You might be able to do a adhoc network with two of these click here

Or one of the above and click here


  orangewhiteblue 10:15 12 Mar 2004

Yes I have considered pulling wires - but knowing my luck I'll end up with a bigger bill than going for the wireless option.

I must admit that I'm suprised at some of the low prices of the wireless stuff.

So thanks for all your help, I'll buy a cheap wireless setup from ebuyer!

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