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2 machines running XP. I bought a ADSL router so that the machines could share internet access, but couldn't get the things to work so plumped for simply linking the 2 machines together via network cards. Internet sharing is fine, but I am having real problems setting up the machines so that they allow file swapping and use of eachothers printers. Can anyone offer any pointers? The Wizard doesn't seem to help.

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The router is the easiest way to join the pc's together, you should have stuck with that.

Firstly...how competent are you about networking two pc's? Just so I don't respond to you in a basic way, incase you know quite a bit.

If you use two pc's to share internet and programmes you will need 3 NIC cards, 2 in one machine, the machine that connects to the net.

That means 3 IP's, a default gateway, subnet mask and a WORKGROUP.

I would really go for the ADSL router, it's by far the best means.

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I've got 3 cards, and the internet sharing side of things is working fine (except for some reason Norton is now acting up a bit saying it cannot read subscription data, but that's a different issue). What I now need to do is file and printer share.

Don't ask me why the router didn't work! I'm not best pleased at wasting the cash, but as it'll only ever be a 2 PC network, this can be a compromise.

Feel free to treat me as a beginner! I've hooked up 2 PCs once before, but that was Win 98.

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Ensure that XP firewalls are not activated.

Make sure file & print sharing is enabled on the drives or folders you wish to share.

When inside network neighbourhood, press F5 to refresh the connection, then wait to see if any of your shared folders show up.

I take it you have 3 nics all with individual ip's? Plus they are on the same 'workgroup'? Remember that the 'workgroup' is case sensitive.

What is you internal IP/subnet/gateway configuration?

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