Home group set up problem

  mnopq 11:55 03 Mar 2013

I have tried to set up a HomeGroup on my 15 month old Windows 7 desktop computer, but when I type homegroup into the search box - as article page 81 in current PC Advisor - I get the message this computer cannot connect to a home network group - try later. I have run the troubleshooter and disabled my zone alarm firewall but to no avail. Help please

  onthelimit1 13:00 03 Mar 2013

What other computers do you have on the network?

  mnopq 16:54 03 Mar 2013

The desktop is connected direct to the router and there is a laptop which will connect wirelessly - the laptop was not switched on when I tried to setup home group

  Chronos the 2nd 17:06 03 Mar 2013

If the laptop is not on then and you only have 2 PC's in your network then with only the desktop on you will not have a network.

With Windows 7 it really is quite simple but both PC's will need to be on so that you can put in the password from one of them into the other. You will only have to do this once.


  mnopq 16:49 04 Mar 2013

I have the laptop and desktop computers switched on and have entered homegroup in the search programs and files box, and also via control panel and still get the message that this computer cannot connect to homegroup - I have disabled zone alarm firewall - I have run the trouble shooter to no effect. I have just typed homegroup into the laptop and have the message to say it is already part of a homegroup. I found a file and right-clicked, choosing send to homegroup but nothing appears on the desktop computer. There is no homegroup folder on the desktop computer but doing a search for "homegroup" shows dozens of files, so the software is there within the operating system. I am lost

  Chronos the 2nd 17:05 04 Mar 2013

I do not know why you are bothering with Search when all you need to do is on the Desktop double click Control Panel then Homegroup then go down to View or print password ,this will need to go into the laptop.

On the Laptop go to Control Panel then Network and Sharing centre this should tell you if it is in the network.

Have a look and post back.

  mnopq 19:26 05 Mar 2013

To Chronos the 2nd. The problem is that when I go Control Panel/Homegroup on the Desktop I get the message "This computer cannot connect to a homegroup and I can go no further - no view or print password. All is fine on the laptop

  lotvic 19:47 05 Mar 2013

Is the laptop W7 or is it XP? microsoft.com

"If computers running Windows XP are part of your network, it’s important to use the same workgroup name for all of the computers on your network. This makes it possible for computers running different versions of Windows to detect and access each other. Remember that the default workgroup name is not the same in all versions of Windows."

  rickf 20:39 05 Mar 2013

I think that is because your settings on the laptop is not the same as those on the desktop. Go to homegroup, click on manage wireless networks and one or a few network access points would appear. Right click on yours, then properties, then security. Now select "no authentication" (open), then select the type of security you use, ie, WEP, WAP etc./, then enter your security key. Voila done.

  mnopq 20:08 06 Mar 2013

Thanks Rick. I have made all of the adjustments to the laptop - no trouble, but the Homegroup software will still not load on the desktop. I will wait until my grandson visits at Easter.

Thanks to everyone

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