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Home built PC mystery issue

  Kieren_M 14:46 19 Nov 2019

Ok guys, at this point literally any help is appreciated as I have ran out of soloutions. I built a PC a few months back with the following specs: - I5-9600k - MSI Z390A-pro - 16GB Corsair vengeance DDR4 memory - GTX 1060 6GB gpu - 240GB SSD Kingston - 1TB HDD - Corsair VS650 psu

Okay so, every other time I boot up the system it refuses to boot and I get various BSOD screens with '0xc00021a', 'IO1 initialization failure' and many more.. Also frequently I experience program crashes, and occasionally full system crashes which it takes several reboots to overcome. I have also reinstalled windows atleast 3-4 times.

Does anyone have any idea what may keep causing these failures and how I go about fixing them?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 19 Nov 2019

Sounds like a corrupt drive or bad connection to the hard Drive

  chub_tor 09:37 20 Nov 2019

I have had Kingston hard drive failures in the past and have switched to Samsung. For £50 or less you can get a 250Gb Samsung 860EVO. I have been using Samsung exclusively for several years now and not had a single failure. My fall back would be Corsair.

  wee eddie 10:11 20 Nov 2019

Assuming that your copy of Windows, and your Software, is on the SSD. That would be the first thing to check.

Visit its Manufacturer's Site for the necessary Checking/Maintenance Software

  Kieren_M 20:13 20 Nov 2019

Thanks for the replies, I have already had the SSD changed as that was my first port of call also, I was told it could just be 'one of those things' by a PC shop that also couldn't figure out the issue

  chub_tor 10:39 21 Nov 2019

If it is not the hard drive then the next most likely thing is the memory. How is your 16Gb made up. Just one piece or 2 x 8Gb or maybe 4 x 4Gb. If you have multiple memory strips then take them out one at a time and watch what happens.

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