home built PC, help with software

  sleepy01 16:36 09 May 2008

Im considering building my own PC as a new one is due, i like the idea of making it myself. I just want to make sure i understand everything.
Ive sourced the components but am unsure as to what software I need to get it up and running.
I know I'd need a new copy of XP, does this include outlook, word etc and is an OEM version probably from ebay suitable/legal.
Also what other software would I need if any, obviously most software comes with any hardware i have or buy but have I missed anything or would I be good to go?

  Joe R 16:42 09 May 2008


apart from the operating system (XP) you do not need to buy any software straight away.

There are hundreds of free applications, covering security, multimedia and virtually any subject you require.

The following link will tell you more.

click here

  ened 16:57 09 May 2008

Here's a very useful Forum

click here

  sleepy01 17:01 09 May 2008

nice posts thanks all, without reading through them fully, will do that over weekend. I have Mcafee currently will that just transfer to a new PC or like Windows XP is it 'locked' to the motherboard.

  interzone55 17:15 09 May 2008

I'd be wary about buying an XP licence from eBay, I've heard some bad stories about people who've bought so called "oem" licences from there.

If you've not bought all your components you should be able to get a legal OEM XP licence from your local PC shop.

This is my local shop's prices click here

  sleepy01 17:30 09 May 2008

thx alan14, £55 and reassurance :)

  ened 17:41 09 May 2008

Just out of curiosity: you're building a new machine presumably with an up-to-date spec.

Why do you not want to use Vista?

  sleepy01 17:49 09 May 2008

good question and im not fully decided on sticking with XP, Im simply working to a budget and hear that vista uses alot more RAM, id like to stick with 2g RAM with option to put more in later.
Also Im keeping my monitor a 19" 940n syncmaster and although drivers are available to make it vista compatible i have had no problem using xp and its just one less thing to worry about.
Lastly i did hear that MS have a new OS in the pipeline for 2010 and would maybe hold out a few years to see what happens then.
But otherwise it is an up to date spec and can live without DX10.

  interzone55 18:25 09 May 2008

Vista's only real world advantage is the DirectX10 compatibility, and if you're not playing bleeding edge games you don't need DX10.

It has other advantages like built in encryption etc, but they're only in Vista Business & Ultimate.

For most people it has many more downsides, such has huge memory requirements, it puts a hefty load on your graphics card, eats up about 10gb of HDD space, I could go on all night.

It's pretty though...

  wis 19:28 09 May 2008

sorry to be blunt , but if you want to part with money,pukka copy microsoft dont go there

  sleepy01 20:08 09 May 2008

thanks wis, yeah as cheap from proper retailer as on ebay + its gonna be genuine, no worries

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