Home built PC blues

  tlr 23:57 09 Sep 2003

I have just built my new AMD 2600+ PC I have put in 750Mb RAM 120Gb hard drive 128Mb graphics card SB Audigy sound card and it runs Win 98

When I am trying to install programs onto it I get the message that there is not sufficient memory to install the programme but I am at a loss as to hoe to get these programmes to load up

A programme that requires 80Mb of space should not be a problem or have I miised something??

Thanks in advance


  AndySD 00:18 10 Sep 2003
  jospar 00:18 10 Sep 2003

A couple of suggestions

Is all your memory being reconised?
Try reseating the memory cards!
Are the card in the right order in the slots/banks?
Check bios to see if any memory is being set aside for graphics card or something else.

Was there any problems installing the win98 operating system, might be worth checking the registry to see if there is any corrupt files laying around.

Another querry, I'm not 100% sure weather win98 will support a 120gig drive, it might be worth concidering partitioning the hard drive into smaller partitions, check m$ support site should give you more info concerning this.

Hopefully the above might give you some more ideas.

  tlr 14:56 17 Sep 2003

It appears to be right that Win98 will not work 100% with more than 512Mb RAM I took the 256Mb module out and left the 512Mb module in and all is rosy

Thanks for your help I now have a 256Mb RAM module spare until I upgrade the OS


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