HL2 on two computers at home, possible?

  rickf 10:30 01 Jan 2005

Hi, Bought this for my son and I really liked it too. Becuase of the very lengthy process of installation and registration for an account with Steam, is it poss. to install it in more than one computer? Any experience of this will be very much appreciated as I consider it unfair to have to buy another copy.

  bremner 11:29 01 Jan 2005

The reason for the Steam activation is to prevent piracy - the multiple use of one copy.

So I would think the answer is no.

  GibsonSt19 11:40 01 Jan 2005

If you buy another, you most certainly can have 2 installations.

click here to find HL2 for £25.99 including free UK delivery

  LinuxPenguin 16:04 01 Jan 2005

but you wont be able to play both online at the same time...

On the second computer, get steam - click here and open it up. click play games and there is a section called my games - click hl2 and it will start downloading, will take absolutely ages even on broadbna though...

then you can use steam in offline mode and play them head to head

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