Hitman Pro

  provider 2 16:13 10 May 2010

I`m seeing Hitman Pro click here being recommended these days in various places on the net.

Is it known to PC Advisor members or likely to be on a par with Malwarebytes Anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware?

  rawprawn 16:27 10 May 2010

Hi, since I made a full Acronis Backup this morning I have given it a try. It scanned very quickly (only about 3 minutes) with little resource usage. It found 1 Suspect program which I expected and I set it not to delete.
It seems efficient, but what about updates. Does it simply use Cloud scan each time?

  northumbria61 16:27 10 May 2010

No knowledge of this at present time but it is a 30 day free trial so it will give you time to evaluate it - after that you will have to purchase if you want to use it but looking at it, it's not expensive depending on how good it is.

I use the other two as do many others and find them to be satisfactory and FREE.

Personally I think most of the freeware does the job for personal home use - spoilt for choice I guess.

  northumbria61 16:29 10 May 2010

rawprawn - good to hear your comments on this product - I will keep looking here for any further recommendations.

  rawprawn 16:32 10 May 2010

As I understand it,the 30 day free trial only comes into effect if it finds Malware and it deletes it.
Am I wrong? I used to have another program like that a few years ago, I think it was called PrevX but I am not sure.

  birdface 17:54 10 May 2010

Mostly good reviews but some poor ones as well.

click here

  MAT ALAN 18:09 10 May 2010

click here

interesting, although this link seems rather dated i'll leave you to make your own minds up tho...

  northumbria61 20:13 10 May 2010

As I understand it,the 30 day free trial only comes into effect if it finds Malware and it deletes it.
Am I wrong?

You may be right but I can't comment as I haven't used it - think I will stick with the "tried and tested" M/Bytes & SAS - until someone convinces me otherwise.

  provider 2 09:29 11 May 2010

Not exactly a must-have then, by the looks of things.

Thank you all for your comments and links.

  grabster 07:26 15 May 2010

I had a severe attack recently with what is known as the google redirect virus which is actually a tdl3 rootkit ,i couldnt update windows and nothing i tried could even touch this thing.
i eventually came across hitman pro and was relieved when it detected and cleared this nasty.
The 30 day trial kicks in when it is used to clean an infection and bang on time ,32 days later i got rootkit problems again but unable to use hitman again i managed to clean my system using safe mode and my trusty asquared free on a smart scan.
This rootkit has to be the worst ever and i am savvy enough to know how to keep things running smoothly on a pc but this thing had me well and truly stumped.

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