sat481 09:07 08 Dec 2003

Hi all
I have just made a web site for my sons pre-school ( click here ,any comments welcome). and wan't to put a hitcounter on it so I can get an idea if it is been visited. I designed the website in Dreamweaver but can find nothing about hitcounters in the help files. Any advise greatly welcomed.. Thanks


  phil 20:02 08 Dec 2003

Try Sitemeter. click here

Follow the instructions and you should be OK.

  Forum Editor 23:46 08 Dec 2003

a hit counter to know if the site's been visited - they aren't a reliable indicator anyway. Hit counters work by recording each occasion on which the page concerned is loaded into your browser. Go to a site with a hit counter and click back and forth between different pages. You'll see the counter notching up each time the page is loaded, and you can raise the count with no problem.

Better to rely on the web host's server statistics. These will be detailed and accurate, and will even tell you which browser the vistors were using. You can usually get the host to turn server stats on for your site - just ask them. They'll give you a url for the statistics, and you can see them in Internet Explorer whenever you wish.

  igk 01:02 09 Dec 2003

Mr Forum editor your'e quite correct as long as the web hosting co are spot on when it comes to stats,my people are brilliant at hosting but poor in the stats field so I use click here you can even make the counter invisible which I always reccomend (after all who would want visitors to see that your site has had only 5 visitors!)

  phil 07:42 09 Dec 2003

I think the person in question just wants a simple, easy to access hit counter. What's wrong with that?

Hit Counter is only a 15 day trial, after that you have to cough up.

Sitemeter is free all of the time, unless you want to upgrade, and can be semi invisible just by using the 'box' icon and making your stats private.

I think there's a lot of snobbery regarding simple hit counters on here.

I also use my hosts stats, Easily, but find them difficult to follow. I can see everything by just taking a quick look at my Sitemeter stats.

  james55 11:40 09 Dec 2003

I'm with 1&1 and their hit counter comes with the Package, when checking the site online the counter never changes no matter how many times I go back and forward. It will change only if I disconnect and then re-connect.

  igk 15:06 09 Dec 2003

Re Hit Counter I use the free version and have been for 3 months now and they have not asked for any money if their site is looked at correctly they do a free service as long as you stay under around 10,000 hits per month!!

  sat481 16:32 09 Dec 2003

Thanx to everyone who has replied to my posting.. I will look over the postings and decide from there

Thanx again to all

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