History in IE6

  PHC 20:55 28 Apr 2003

I am using IE6 Service Release 1 under Win XP and McAfee virus protection and am unable to see recently visited pages in History view. Days are displayed correctly but no URLs are listed – just empty folders.

With a Page open on or off line I can move forward and back through visited pages using key tabs but as above no pages are visible in History view. Any ideas?

  temp003 10:59 29 Apr 2003

2 suggestions, but not sure either will work.

One possibility is that it may be down to a corrupt index.dat file in the History folder. Try deleting the file (more below). Windows will re-create the file when it reloads, hopefully a clean one, and see if that works.

Before you do that, try the obvious first. Close IE. Go to Control Panel, Internet Options, General tab to Clear History. Restart IE, visit a couple of sites, and try History.

If there is still no history, try deleting the index.dat file.

The file is at C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat

However, when you are logged on to the particular [Username], you cannot see this file (or in fact the History.IE5 folder), even if you enable Show all Hidden Files and turn off Hide protected operating system files. And you can't delete it when you are logged on.

If you have another user account with Administrator privileges, log off the problematic User, and log on to the other user. Navigate to the History.IE5 folder.

I suggest you delete all the contents within the History.IE5 folder (including subfolders). The files and folders will be re-created by Windows when you log back on to that user.

Log back on to the problematic User, open IE and test History again.

If you don't have another user account with Administrator privileges, you can create one. Alternatively, download a program which can delete index.dat files for you.

click here and select one of the free programs which can delete index.dat files for you (such as System Security Suite).


Alternatively you can try repairing IE. click here for instructions. You will have to reinstall IE updates afterwards.

  JimboJimbo 11:44 29 Apr 2003

Uncheck the ActiveX Controls box under Internet Filters Properties in McAfee.

That should do the trick


  PHC 18:24 29 Apr 2003

To Jimbo Jimbo

Thanks for your help, which has resolved my problem. Many Thanks. PHC

  newton 08:42 21 Feb 2004

I have a similar problem to this one but in my case I can only see the 'Today' page of history including the sites visited although History is set to keep 21 pages. I run XP pro with IE6 Service release 1 and Norton Antivirus 2003. I had to reinstall the NAV a couple of days ago and wonder if that is where the fault came in. Last night I had the 'Today' History showing on its own but then late at night 'Friday' came up as well. The next morning Friday had dissapeared and Today was left on its own again. The only things to have happen overnight were a Norton Defrag and a scheduled Full system Virus scan which said "No infections Found". Can anyone help please?

  newton_rover 07:31 22 Feb 2004

Having discovered that there is more than one 'NEWTON' using this forum, which could cause confusion, I have now changed my nickname and posted my problem as a new subject which has quickly been resolved.

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