Hissing noise from center speaker Creative 5.1's.

  Fiery251 09:13 02 Oct 2003

I have a Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1 card.

Today, I bought a set of Creative Inspire 5.1 5100 speakers.

Got home, unpacked everything and connected it all up, as per the manual.

Booted up PC and switched on speakers.

Anytime ANY sound is played, be it in a game, playing music or just a windows sound, there is a terrible hissing/feedback from the centre speaker, when playing music or games. Even when clicking on options in a game menu, for example, you can hear the hissing noise cut in and out.

I checked all my cabling and its fine. I swapped speaker leads around, thinking it may have been a faulty speaker, but its not, the hiss just follows the cable change.

Also, in my Creative AudioHQ and Playcenter, there is no mention anywhere of a 5.1 set up, or how to set your preferances to it. I only get a LiveSurround! set up option, which gives me 4? Speakers and a Sub, no centre one.

I checked the driver disk that came with the card, and there is no mention of a 5.1 set up there either.

According to my Device Manager, I'm using the Creative drivers dated 26.8.99 and numbered Are there any drivers suitable for my set up, that are newer than those ones?.

There doesnt appear to be any sound coming from the rear speakers either, on some occassions. The only time I can get sound from the rear speakers, is if I insert and play an audio CD.

I cant understand this. My friend has a similar set up, and when he runs the speaker test, it says "Front right, front left, rear right, rear left, center", then it makes a bass noise to show the sub is working.

Mine just says "Front right, front left, rear right, rear left". Thats it. No mention of a center or subwoofer.

Can someone run me through the set up, both within windows audio properties and the Creative software?.

I'm running a dual boot system of 98SE and XP Pro, and I'd like to get this whole thing working in both OS's.

What sort of 5.1 soundcard doesnt let you utilise a 5.1 speaker set up?. Jeez!!!!.

This is getting annoying now. I thought I had nothing better to do, but buy the damn stuff for £70, get home and plug it all in. Now I find myself posting on message boards, and trawling Google groups and the Creative website for answers, in order to get a brand new retail product to work properly. I'm not happy, to put it mildly.

Thanks in advance of any replies.

  Jester2K II 09:18 02 Oct 2003

Check for updated drivers click here

I'm sure the hissing sound has been covered before here. I'll have a search.

  Jester2K II 09:22 02 Oct 2003
  Jester2K II 09:24 02 Oct 2003
  Fiery251 11:33 02 Oct 2003

Thanks for the replies and links to those threads.

Seems like I'm not the only one with problems.

I cant understand why the Speaker selection will only give me 4 Speakers or LiveSurround!, and not 5.1?.

I've checked the card, and its a CT4760, which came as part of the SB Live! Platinum box bundle, retail, which includes the LiveDrive! II 5.25" control panel. However, if I try and install the latest drivers from the Creative website, it tells me it was unable to detect an SB 5.1 card on my system?.

  Jester2K II 13:45 02 Oct 2003

However, if I try and install the latest drivers from the Creative website, it tells me it was unable to detect an SB 5.1 card on my system?.

Keep trying it took 4 or 5 attempts last week on a clients PC.

  Stuartli 14:44 02 Oct 2003

Surround sound outputs depend on the system being provided with the requisite number of channels information, such as that from suitably encoded films on DVDs.

Otherwise any variation on 2.1 is artificially created and often sounds worse than just using the correct number of channels for the particular input.

Interestingly enough Windows XP doesn't provide a 2.1 option, only two desktop speakers, amongst the choice available.

  Fiery251 19:06 02 Oct 2003

I've been such an ass!!!!

I assumed, since it said on the back of the box, quote:- "To maximise your listening experiance with Desktop Theatre 5.1 DTT2500 digital speakers", that I could run a 5.1 set up off this soundcard.

You cant.

The SB Live! Platinum came in two "flavours", non-digital and Digital 5.1

I had the non digital CT4760.

I went out and bought an SB Live! Player 5.1 this afternoon, reinstalled and all is well.

I should really have paid attention!!.

PS Anyone want to buy a cheap complete Platinum set up, complete with Live Drive! panel and all associated leads etc???!!!!!.

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