Hijackthis Log Analysis

  Press Man 22:13 19 Nov 2005

Hi Guys,
Thought this would be of use, I have used this site click here to analyse my logs and it appears to be very good .
Feed back would be good.
Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 22:15 19 Nov 2005

In my opinion this is a very bad idea. That site has identified legitimate software on my PC as being 'bad'.

Far better to let an expert look at a HJT log. One suitable site click here

  phono 22:26 19 Nov 2005

As with all things automated it is best to err on the safe side and double check any suggestions made by this sort of site. There is another site with similar facilities here click here

  keewaa 22:31 19 Nov 2005

I'm aware of the malwareremoval forum which is great but I don't get these automated sites. What do they do ?

  p;3 23:20 19 Nov 2005

the automated sites are just that, "automated"; I for one would not trust my log to one of them; the link Vog has given has experts on it who are genuine people who will read and interpret the log and give you correct advise and guidance for removing stuff; my advise is do not go to an automated site if you value your machine and its ability to work properly; if you wish for your log to be analysed, go to the malaware forum as linked above ; would be interesting to know what state your machine is in if you have done an automated log and followed their "advise"?

  phono 23:21 19 Nov 2005

Run Hijack This set to generate a log, use cut and paste to place a copy of the log contents into the website's parser and hit analyse, you will be presented with a web page which will suggest actions that you should take.

The "I am not a geek" site colour codes various entries and gives suggestions according to the colours.

Just remember, if you are unsure, do further research before deleting anything.

  keewaa 23:36 19 Nov 2005

I'll pass on that, I found click here very helpful with real people I could talk to and ask about things before deleting them.

  p;3 00:20 20 Nov 2005

I think your suggestion is not really sound advise ; Pressman; if you wish your log analysed correctly, go to the malaware forum; humans expert in log analysis will guide you and anyone through the various stages to clean any infected machine; I did one of the on-line ones just to see for myself; accordign to it my VNC is spy/malaware ; and some vital prgrams are flagged up as "get rid of"; I would rather discuss and be guided by humans than trust a so-called machine and on-line non-descript "program " with my pc

  phono 00:47 20 Nov 2005

I have used the "I am not a geek" HJT parser experimentally on a number of occasions and so far it has proven to be quite accurate, I think it is very remiss to entirely dismiss such sites out of hand.

Not all computer owners are so well versed as to be able to gain access to the "so called" experts sites never mind interpret and implement the advice they give.

The automated sites are an admirable effort to simplify malware removal for non experts, my suggestion was not proffered as advice, merely as my own observations on a service that is offered in an effort to help those less knowledgeable, I did add that any recommendations should be well researched before they are implemented.

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