hijacker playing havoc

  wesparmalee 18:34 27 Apr 2004

Can anyone please help with the following.I have the Cool Web Search hijacker on my PC which is playing havoc with my system.Firstly my homepage was changed to About:Blank,which was annoying,but i could live with if pushed.Now it seems that after trying to remove the damn thing with three different programs,it just will not go away.I first started with Adaware,then CWSshredder,and Spybot.They all seem to pinpoint the problem,and say it's been removed,but as soon as i re-boot,it's back yet again.Also today i received a message telling me that my virtual memory was running low.It seems as though i have something like 56,0000k running in Explorer,after running the task manager.Could this be connected to this hijacker,in that it could be filling my hard disc with rubbish?Please can anyone help?

  Lionheart ? 18:54 27 Apr 2004

Look at this thread click here

  Legolas 18:57 27 Apr 2004

go and search for coolsearch in 'start/search' delete any instances found. Then go to start/run and type regedit when the registry opens search it for coolsearch and delete any instances-you would be advised to back-up the registry before doing this- When you have done this go to start/run and type msconfig click on the start-up tab and untick any instances of reg32 or reg33.

I should have said before doing any of this turn of your system restore if you are running XP or ME

When finished reboot.

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