Hijacked Tally Wacked!

  portofcall 09:03 30 Oct 2003

Am running XP. Have firewall, Norton 2003 AV Updated, The Cleaner, Adware, Spybot and the rest. Have run scans which say Virus Free/No mention of trojans. Have switched system restore on/off/on. Scanned again. Lo and behold, I boot up, log on and am redirected to another server yet again! Have run PC Doorguard 3 with infected file not registered anyone else. Can't find it/can't delete it. Have run Hijackthis but do not feel comfortable with major registry changes. So, where am and what do I do next? Seems that booting up triggers hidden trojan that does not come up on any antivirus/trojan alert program. Hmmmm. Could truly use some help on this one. Thanks,

  MAJ 09:10 30 Oct 2003

By "another server", do you mean another webpage/site? This may sound silly, (and I apologise in advance if you've done it), but you haven't said whether you've changed your home page to what you want it to be, in Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Home Page Address field.

  wizzy 09:43 30 Oct 2003

If you mean a webpage I got a virus like this once on my xp system. If it is the same as my case all you got to do is go into My Computer, go to the disk with Windows xp on (normally C or D) and find a file called dialer or dialer.exe. Delete it and this should never happen again.

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