Hijacked Hotmail

  CyprusJohn 10:43 23 Sep 2011

A few days ago some unmentionable git sent an e-mail to all of my contacts, using my address. They have sent 3 now and the first 2 were seen in my sent folder as individualy addressed but the 3rd was not. I have a clear result from my anti-virus and anti malware programmes and I am having difficulty understanding what went on. Q1:What went on, how did the malware get past Hotmail's vaunted screens? Q2:What should I do now to prevent a recurrence? Q3:Is there likely to be a long term effect, ie has my contacts list been published and should I close my account? I have seen nothing like it since except my contacts being annoyed.

  lotvic 11:08 23 Sep 2011

As emails were in your 'sent' folder you must have had account hacked.


Change your password (make sure that the email address that in your details is the correct one for them to send the reset info to, or you won't be able to reset, I think you have to have it sent to a different email address) and devise a 'secret word' to add to your email subject header so that your contacts will know if an email is from you or from unmentionable git or a spammer. Their email addresses are prob now on a spammers list (who will spoof your email address so that emails appear to have come from your account - but will not appear in your sent folder as they are not actually sent from your account).

Another option is you could use a different email address for a while.

These things happen, don't let it get to you.

  lotvic 11:11 23 Sep 2011

Here is a good guide with screenshots of what to do Click Here

  CyprusJohn 11:12 23 Sep 2011

Thanks, Lotvic, The idea of a first word in the title sounds the best bet. I have just changed the password.

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