Rhuddlan 15:37 14 Aug 2005

A mate down the road thought he had been hijacked, so when I went there last night I found two rouge dialiers which where titled something like XXX and loads of spyware, got rid of it all, but now when you open up ie there is a web page titled xxx and you can't visit any other site! The comp just keeps crashing and is really slow, have installed za, avg, ad aware, spybot, spywareblaster, ms antispyware and regseeker for him and cleaned loads of stuff out, but still computer is like a snail and ie won't go further than the xxx site. Any ideas?

  stalion 15:41 14 Aug 2005

you are going to have to post a hijack this log is it possible for you to download the program for your mate?

  Completealias 15:42 14 Aug 2005

Run Hijack this and post a logfile to click here

  stalion 15:43 14 Aug 2005

the site can not be accessed so how do they do that?

  Rhuddlan 15:50 14 Aug 2005

I'm going around there now, will have a go and post a log if possible, she has BT BB 2.2Mb too, so if everything is OK, it should be posted in the next 10mins, thanks for the help so far, report back soon.

  stalion 15:52 14 Aug 2005

web page titled xxx and you can't visit any other site!
How are you going to downlod hijack this?

  Completealias 15:52 14 Aug 2005

I see what you mean wasn't thinkin, you can save the logfile to disk and then use another pc to post it of course you will need to make sure that you scan the disk for infections.

You could try a2 as well click here

  Rhuddlan 16:26 14 Aug 2005

Comp seems OK today, have downloaded and installed hijack this but can't post log on this site, keeps saying error when requesting page, wot's going on?

  VoG II 16:27 14 Aug 2005

Post it on this specialised forum click here

  Rhuddlan 16:29 14 Aug 2005

Will try e mailing the log to my e mail address and posting it from my comp, report back soon.

  Rhuddlan 17:15 14 Aug 2005

PC Advisor doesn't seem to be letting me post the hijack this log. I get a page with loads of writing on sayingg errror and loads of numbers and words. Anyone help?

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