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High tmpin0 temperature on HWMonior

  T4l0n 19:54 05 Aug 2016

On HWMonitor I noticed i have really high temperatures on TMPIN0, it's always around 80-90C when everything else is below 45C, including core temperatures, having googled around this value should correspond to the cpu temp. This "sensor" is SpeedFan 3rd temperature "Temp1", also there, everything is quite cold except this. I noticed when gaming this value gets really high, towards 110C. When i restart and check the bios i have both cpu and mobo temperatures low. I am worried i could break the cpu but i don't get why this happens while every other temperature is low. I recently replaced the thermal paste and cleaned the cpu fan, it's still the same.

  matt2000 20:35 05 Aug 2016

It's probably an error in the software

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