High 'System' cpu usage when playing games

  Bowman118 13:22 06 Oct 2018

Hi, ive had this problem for a few months now and cant find a solution online. whenever im playing games i notice my CPU usage is very high, looking in the task manager i can see that 'System' is in high usage, usually 27% or higher, but only when playing games and returns to normal when the game is closed. Sometimes a system restart will fix the problem but this isnt very reliable, and is becomeing more frequent. Has anybody else had this issue or know a fix?

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  wee eddie 14:33 06 Oct 2018

Why is it a problem, that's what CPUs are for

  Bowman118 14:49 06 Oct 2018

Because it doesnt normally do it, and when it happens games become very slow and sluggish

  EdwardDull 13:33 10 Oct 2018

check this website click here they will do free diagnosis for PC and will find out if there any program interrupting your system work properly and what overload your CPU maybe there are some unauthorized programs which are overloading your PC.

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