high pitched scream/whistle

  th0thadv 10:31 27 Feb 2010

Acer aspire 9300 has a high pitched scream/whistle when placing left hand over left side of laptop, hard drive is working well,in fact machine has no problems other than this damn sound. can vary tone like a musical instrument but gets very uncomfortable to use, any ideas

  chub_tor 13:50 27 Feb 2010

High pitched noises are caused by something going very fast. This may be something as simple as air being forced through a narrow orifice or by fast moving materials such as plastic or metal touching another surface.

The simplest thing to try is vacuuming out the air intake and exit ports on your laptop. With a bit of luck this will dislodge any accumulated debris and give the air a clear path.

Hard drives do have fast moving parts in them and you can find out if this is the source of the noise by removing the access hatch on the underside of your laptop and listening to the drive. You can often locate the source of a noise by using the old car mechanics trick of holding a solid rod on the drive and sticking the other end in your ear.

Optical drives also move fast so check that you don't have a CD or DVD in your drive that is spinning up.

Failing that the noise is most likely caused by a fast moving fan such as the one on the CPU or the system fan that is cooling your laptop. To check that out you will have to remove the complete bottom cover of your laptop and listen for the source of the noise.

Those are my initial thoughts but you may get alternative suggestions from those forum members that have had some practical experience of high pitched noises in laptops.

  T0SH 18:05 27 Feb 2010

As stated above high pitched noises are generally made by things that rotate fast, which in the case of a laptop would come down to the hard drive, most probably the stepper motor bearing getting tight and squeeling like a banshee

If you want to hear some samples of faulty drive noises visit here

click here

Cheers HC

  Technotiger 18:27 27 Feb 2010

when people add the Green-tick with no further word!!

  tullie 19:04 27 Feb 2010

Annoying isent it,almost as bad as not ticking and never hearing from the poster again,i think its an age thing.

  th0thadv 14:46 01 Mar 2010

To those who seemed to think i should jump about in response, tuff,
I asked, it was answered, what do you want, begging, grovelling, pretty please.
The answer was sufficient for me to sort the problem, i am very,very,very,very,very grateful..
actually the noise was a muted sound chip turned down and reacting to my hand movement.Thankyou

  Technotiger 15:45 01 Mar 2010

Hi again, you seem to be missing part of the reason for the Helproom's existence. We are not looking for thanks or pretty pleases (is that a word LoL), but by coming back and explaining what helped YOU, may also be very useful to others with the same or similar problem(s). As often as not, people who have problems, can look in the 'Search forum' box to see if their problem has already been mentioned and sorted (which it often has) - saves them and us time!

Cheers ... TT

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