High pitched noise and tingling in hand - why?

  katswhiskers 20:58 14 Jun 2010

Just bought a new Packard Bell Easynote laptop. There is a high pitched sound with it - makes my ears feel 'full' - difficult to explain. I have noticed this same noise on televisions in the past. I am not happy to use it like this - gets on my nerves.

Also, after ten minutes on the touch pad, finding my way around, my hand started tingling. (not repetitive strain as I don't get it on my current laptop).

What can I do? Should I get a refund?


  howard64 21:24 14 Jun 2010

it could have a fault worth taking back and asking them to check it out.

  robin_x 23:20 14 Jun 2010

Take it back and tug and dip your forelock to Cust Svc.

If you get their sympathy they will be very helpful.
If you don't they won't. Good Luck.

I also can hear stuff, sometimes I think I am imagining it. But I am not.

I can usually mentally block it.
Except my neighbour's fishpond pump. I hear running water all night.

  onthelimit 08:40 15 Jun 2010

If you wait until you're my age, you won't hear ANY high pitched noises!

  jack 08:52 15 Jun 2010

Its an oscillator -either in the mainboard or the charger unit- one or more in both
This device is udsed to step up or down voltage.
So run the macine with the main units disconnected - this will establish which
If you can hear it then you have ultra sensitive hearing or the device is downgrading[getting old or failing]
The tinkling in the hand - could be a current leak gpossibly from the same source- so indicating further the computer and not the charger.
So take it back - defective and not fit for purpose
And as it NEW - accept nothing but a NEW replacement or a refund- and stand for nothing else
including Vouchers.
Be firm and quote consumers rights de da de da

  bjh 09:11 15 Jun 2010

I'm with Jack on this - take it back. He seems to know what he's talking about - but I also thought failing capacitors sung... still a problem...

However, playing Devil's Advocate (or "Devil's Apricot", as Private Eye once quoted), just to avoid making an issue if there is none...
1a) The noise isn't merely the fan running, is it? (It still shouldn't make such a noise, though)
1b) Can others hear the noise? Is it obvious? An unhelpful shop may play the "I can't hear nuffink" card, so having a friend with you might help.
2) Does anyone else get the tingling sensation when using the laptop?

Have you called the manufacturer's helpline? It does remain the vendor's responsibility to sort out, but the manufacturer might actually be more responsive/have an answer.

Where did you buy it? PC World/Dixons, at a guess from the brand. Was it over the internet, or from a shop?

  katswhiskers 09:55 15 Jun 2010

Thanks a lot everyone.

The noise is defo the laptop itself as I was using it unplugged and wirelessly. I have never used wireless before - could it be to do with that?

It is not a loud noise - more an 'intrusion' on my ears - making me feel strange! Diff to explain. I asked one person and they could not hear it, but that does not mean it is not there.

Defo not a fan noise - thankfully.

As for tingling I recall I had that a while ago with a USB mouse, which I chucked away. It makes my arm tingle and ache for hours afterwards.

  bjh 10:16 15 Jun 2010

The tingling does sound more as if it is a "you" thing rather than the laptop. I'm not sure if you could reject a machine on the grounds that it isn't ergonomically suited to you, particularly if you had an opportunity to try one in a shop first.

The noise is unlikely to be from the wireless (although some internet radios do pick up interference from their wireless dongles). I'd still go with one of the high-power components, but I still feel that having a few others able to hear the noise would strengthen your case.

Is it a continuous tone, or does it vary? Does it change when run from the power supply?

  jack 13:18 15 Jun 2010

'feedback' from the oscillating itself through the machine - that is just like say putting your hand on the casing of some motor driven items - this time however the frequency is very high and presents as a 'tingling'
But as said - if in doubt - take it back

  katswhiskers 14:59 15 Jun 2010

What does an oscillator do please?

  onthelimit 15:28 15 Jun 2010


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