High ping on 2nd PC when I load web page

  mrwoowoo 20:03 25 Jul 2014

I have two PC's in the house. One is mine,and one my sons. We can both play Battlefield 4 online with no problem. However. If he is playing BF4, and I load a certain web page such as Ebay,Answerbank or Daily mail his ping goes to 999 making it impossible to play. I am with AOL, and have a DGN2200 router. My sons PC is hard wired as I thought that wireless may have been the problem. Our connection speed is only just over 300kbs, sometimes less. I know this is low, but as I say, we can both play online at the same time together.

  rdave13 20:50 25 Jul 2014

300KB/s is just over 1 Mbps. It's not just low it's dire. You'd be surprised how much needs to be downloaded to open a page in a browser. Takes 300Kbp/s to open Google search page on IE.

Have a word with AOL that your internet speed is bad. They can check the line. Be polite and say you're not happy with the service and if they will help or not. You can always move to another ISP.

Check broadband availability in your area.

  mrwoowoo 21:11 25 Jul 2014

I may have that wrong then. I get around 2.6 to 3.5 Mbps on test my net. I thought 3Mbps was around 300kbs.

  rdave13 21:47 25 Jul 2014

3Mbps is 3000 kbps. I'd still run the checker to see what is available. 3megs is ok but browsing will undoubtedly affect gaming on another PC. Whenever you open a page you not only download but also upload and that is where the problem lies. Opening a browser page will upload about 50 Kbps for a second and that will affect the upload speed when gaming. Check your upload speed and that will be about 400 Kbps tops I think.

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