High KaZaa demands on CPU usage - anyone else?

  yinghau 03:15 23 Jul 2003

Dear all,

I have recently got a new computer with Windows XP Pro (AMD 3200 XP, 1GB RAM). However, whenever I use KaZaa v2.5 - the whole computer slows right down. When I check, I see that it uses virtually all of the CPU's resources (96-100%). As a result, any other program (e.g. internet explorer) that is running - is extremely slow. As soon as I switch it off, everything is fine again.

I used to have an old PIII 500 MHz, 384 MB RAM - which had Windows Me. Windows Me was certainly unstable and kept on crashing - but KaZaa had never had this problem of virtually sucking all the CPU's resources then.

Does anyone have the same problem? Or, does anyone know why this happening? Ideally, if there is a solution - I would be grateful to hear it!

Many thanks.

  Webmaster 03:33 23 Jul 2003

Hmmm, I have been told that 'all' these file sharing programs _do_ come shiped with free spyware etc so your first port of call should be to use Lavasoft's AdAware to get rid of them! If you know of this, then ignore this post. However, I've never actually used these file sharing programs therefore I'm not sure if they will still function when all the spyware has been removed.

  mcullum_DX4Life 04:34 23 Jul 2003

This is known problem with p2p programs. I suppose you end up paying for all your free music with the lack of cpu speed ;-)

  Andsome 08:07 23 Jul 2003

If only you had read all the comments on this site regarding KaZaa, you would NEVER have installed it. Your best bet is to uninstall it from ADD/REMOVE programs, then go to start/search and enter KaZaa. Do a search of drive C if this is your main drive and delete any references to the program. If you understand the registry then save it and find any references in there, otherwise get someone els to do this for you. Then as suggested, download a spyware removal program. I personally use 'Spybot search and destroy', and 'Spyware Blaster'.

  Confab 09:53 23 Jul 2003

There is an option on kazaa to use your PC as a "supernode" or somthing like that!! If this option is checked then your pc's resourses will be used up and your pc will solw. have a look to see if this option is ticked.

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