High gain antennae

  [email protected] 13:27 23 Mar 2007

I understand most "off the shelf" wifi hardware is fitted with 2-3dbi gain antennae. The PCMCIA wifi card in my adsl modem/router cannot be changed but it's possible to change the antenna of my PC wifi card to high gain (7dbi or more). Is there any point in changing just one end as common sense tells me you should change both ends to improve signal strength both ways, but then again....maybe it's only necessary for one end to transmit/receive a stronger signal!

  PP321 18:21 23 Mar 2007

click here

something like that?

why are u trying to do it...are u looking to cover quite a distance or something?

  [email protected] 18:36 23 Mar 2007

I was thinking about this click here
Problem: adsl/router is in lounge next to TV and PC is downstairs (ground floor). The link is weak and has an effect on internet speed (pages taking a lot longer to load etc). The distance is not the problem but what's in the way (walls/floor etc).

  irishrapter 21:13 23 Mar 2007

I have two of these click here
1.2 meter version.
My current distance record is 22 miles!

I think this is a bit over the top for what you are lookinh to do. lol...

  PP321 09:13 24 Mar 2007

ahhh i get you.

Well that 7dbi antenna looks ok?

on a different note, i had a linksys WRT54G for which you can get special software that you upload to it and it boosts its output power by 400%!

my freind used to share my internet connection, from over the road..and ten houses up!

  dms05 10:07 24 Mar 2007

Take a look at the antennas from click here UK based and very good service.

  dms05 10:12 24 Mar 2007

I use one of these and can recommend the seller, even though he's based in Poland click here

  [email protected] 10:53 24 Mar 2007

Hi everyone. Thanks for the posts but I think the point of my question has been missed - "Do I need a high(er) gain antenna both ends or is one end sufficient"? My lounge is nowhere near 22miles from my office or even over the road and ten houses up lol. Just joking ;-)

  PP321 13:46 24 Mar 2007

i would have thought a higher gain antenna would be advantageous on the router, though for max performance, both antennas should be upgraded, if your expereincing problems.

  [email protected] 17:03 24 Mar 2007

Thanks PP321. Unfortunately the antenna of the router is not upgradable as in most, as the router and the PCMCIA card come from the ISP and "is as supplied". (they are like this so you have to buy the card from the ISP). Maybe there is a higher gain compatible card around so I will check the forums. The price of another antenna for my PC PCI WIFI card won't exactly break the bank so that's probably the way I will go.

  PP321 17:53 24 Mar 2007

the wifi router doesnt have removeable antennae on the back??

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