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High end gaming PC (SLI Titan etc) WONT BOOT.

  dannyjw 12:21 07 Apr 2016


I recently bought a PC from ebay, it was sold as having an issue booting. Apparently a problem with the water cooling.

Its possible to boot the PC apparently, although I have not managed this. I have very vague instructions from the seller, I will paste these into top comment below, as you'll see the explanation is not the best. He tells me its a problem with the water cooling which is stopping it from booting.

Link to the auction in case anyone is interested and to see full specs click here the best order to remove and take apart the components in order to not risk destroying the PC or leaking fluid anywhere?

Im thinking remove block from the CPU, then take the radiator out and finally lift out the reservoir which is attached to the bottom of the case with a Velcro tab only.

Should I be draining the coolant before removing this???

This is the water cooling kit: click here

This is the case its installed in: Corsair Graphite 780T Full Tower PC Case

Youtube vid of the boot problem I have. click here

As you can see when I press the on button, the PC is constantly trying to switch on immediately turns itself off again. This loops constantly, so you can see the fans starting and stopping. This makes me believe the computer is not starting as the CPU is protecting itself as its not being cooled, or cannot detect the cooling. So I believe the explanation its the water cooling rather than a PSU or motherboard issue.

These are the "instructions" from the seller on how to boot the PC. Two buttons he is referring to are a green reset button on motherboard (on back of pc where all the ports are). The other button is a blue BIOS button.

Asus Intel Z170 Maximus 8 Formula 3-way RGB ATX Motherboard

From seller: press the power switch then the machine will flash on and off then look at the back of the machine there are 2 buttons side by side press the 1 with the lit green light then press and hold the one next to it for a few seconds it will flash blue let go of it then wait till it stops flashing and is lit blue now press the power switch the machine will light up leave it for 20 minutes to warm up then repeat the above then it will turn on ok? when you see republic of gamers on the screen press f1 to enter setup then press esc and yes to exit then windows will come on ok?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 07 Apr 2016
  1. is pump running? don't think a few air bubbles will stop it booting. is the pump connection on the correct (opti) connection off the motherboard?

  2. description of boot method sounds like you're resetting the BIOS to get it to start.

  wee eddie 13:43 07 Apr 2016

Is the PSU up to the job?

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