High Definition (HD) & CD/DVD Compatability

  Giddygum 12:02 06 Feb 2005

Am aware that HD technology has been around for a while in Japan and USA but soon it is to hit the UK, with Sky broadcasting next year.

Also conscious that different formats are being produced.

I understand that most current TVs (plasma, LCD etc) will be unable to utilise the technology since a dedicated socket is required.

But what about CD/DVD formats ?

Are the current various recorders/rewriters and players also going to be obsolete ?

Since the technology is not new, have manufacturers started to produce products to accomdate this new revolution ?

Any feedback would be gratefully received.

  JFT 13:49 06 Feb 2005

HD TV will need to be stored on either Blu Ray Discs
click here or the other competing format HD-DVD click here .

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:55 06 Feb 2005

I saw a demonstartion by Sony a few months ago. Using an LCD TV there were two clips, exactly the same, but one using HDTV and one normal. I couldn't see any difference and I have eyes like a sewer rat.


  €dstowe 14:28 06 Feb 2005

I saw a Sony demonstration in Brighton last summer. Must be similar to the one GANDALF <|:-)> saw.

Like GANDALF <|:-)>, I use my eyes for a living and, although I could see a small difference between the two systems on a plasma screen, it was nothing special and didn't inspire me to part with any cash to have it. I asked for a demo on a CRT but was met with the excuse that they weren't set up for that, even though there must have been a hundred CRT televisions operating in their extremely expensive exhibition trailer.

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