high cpu and ram usage plus fan constantly running

  michaeldavidavery 11:36 05 Dec 2014

Help needed! recently my Dell xpsl502x laptop has started behaving different from normal. 1st the RAM usage went up to above 50% then a few days later the fan started running hard and now the cpu usage has increased from the normal 4% to 35%. I've run avast deep scan (found conduit-d (PUP)) and automatically placed in chest. run avast startup scan. installed and run ccleaner. installed and run adwcleaner. Still have problem..

Any advice would be appreciated?

Thanks Mike

PS - How do i copy task manager and system details into msg so you guys can see whats going on, tried print screen and paste..?

  michaeldavidavery 11:53 05 Dec 2014

thanks Jock1e, will try those out

CPU usage in order:- System idle process 70% mftutil.exe 20% wmiprvse.exe 5% rubyw.exe *32 01%

although above are constantly fluctuating

  michaeldavidavery 12:51 05 Dec 2014


installed and run trial version of Malwarebytes which:-

blocked outbound rubyw.exe several times (msg popped up from system tray)

Scan detected and quarantined

PUP.Optional.Spigot.A PUP.Optional.OpenCandy PUP.Optional.Downloadsponsor PUP.Optional.Downloadsponsor (1)

restarted machine and still high usages

will install and run hitman pro and report back

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 05 Dec 2014

rubyw.exe can be a virus / malware if not located in the system32 folder

Its not even running on my pc which is only using 1% cpu at present.

mftutil.exe is part of Avast which can cause a problem on W8.1 see click here

  michaeldavidavery 14:29 05 Dec 2014


Installed and run Hitman pro which found and deleted 2 tracking cookies - doubleclick.net and xti.com

Restarted machine and it still has same symptoms

Running windows 7 home premium

  michaeldavidavery 17:15 05 Dec 2014

Problem turned out to be with latest release of Avast 2015 see https//forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=157998.15

Disabling NG from Avast settings (quite difficult to locate but found it using ccleaner to uninstall Avast, you then get an option to change settings and uncheck the box by 'NG') Not sure what NG does but turning it off stopped my high cpu usage and fan running constantly...

many thanks to those above for the assistance

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