High CPU & whirring noise!

  gazmix 17:57 16 Dec 2013


Problem that's been on the go for about a fortnight. CPU is 100% & there is a fan noise, browser often not responds & streaming is impossible. After an hour or so, the noise stops & things improve, but its getting worse. All looks clean inside & i've run a malware check which found 40 items which i've deleted but still.

  onthelimit1 18:26 16 Dec 2013

If CPU is at 100%, there's something running in the background that's hogging it. Have a look in Task Manager, Processes to see which is the culprit. OS would also help, as XP has been having svchost.exe hogging the CPU while trying to install updates.

  gazmix 18:45 16 Dec 2013


Firefox is the biggest culprit & my AVGuard but the noise & CPU continues when i close my browser & turn the guard off!

Can you see anything here :-

click here i may be able to close as i'm not skilled enough to just cancel anything.


  gazmix 18:48 16 Dec 2013

also i get many non-responsive plugin warnings also.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 16 Dec 2013

See 2nd Helpful Reply in this thread

  gazmix 19:59 16 Dec 2013

Fruit bat, i did all you said & in the end i just totally uninstalled Firefox & restarted pc & still the same noise & 100%CPU.

Here is a task manager pic with firefox uninstalled

click here tried then to post here by my IE browser which wouldn't let me get on the homepage as it's all laborious, so i had to reinstall firefox!!

Anyone see in task manager what could be doing this? As i say, i close browser etc & still it carries on!


  Peter 20:53 16 Dec 2013


Is the computer running Windows XP? svchost.exe appears to be what is hogging your CPU.

Your problem appears to be the now "standard" Windows XP problem.

Have a search on this website for instructions on how to TOTALLY disable Windows update to solve your problem.

This Windows Update "feature", under Windows XP is, in my personal opinion, Microsoft's way to turn users off Windows XP and persuade them to upgrade their OS.


  gazmix 21:15 16 Dec 2013

Peter, i have had updates off for some time, should i delete svchost.exe from taskmanager?

  gazmix 21:16 16 Dec 2013

& yes, it is XP.

  gazmix 21:20 16 Dec 2013

i keep getting 'unresponsive script' warnings, firefox is at nearly 300.000 in task manager.

svchost is only at 10... & 1000 of which there are 3, system , network service & local service??

Help please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 16 Dec 2013

In your link its now your avguard and IE taking up the cpu

svchost is part of the IE process

Looks like something is searching your drives and trying to send back to base

what Antivirus and antimalware have you scanned with?

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