Hiding unwanted details in Win 7 searches

  morters 10:53 08 Nov 2012

When I do a search for anything using Windows 7, I get vast amounts of stuff/files I don’t want/need to see, cluttering up the search results so that I really can’t see the wood for the trees. Is there a way to not display these? They are usually very small and include the following: .ASPX Cascading Style Sheet Document File Graphics Interchange Format Image JPG file JPEG Image Jscript Script File JSON File JSP File Loaded_0 File LST File Portable Network Graphics Image Shockwave Flash Object XML Document

I download hundreds of recipes and since the search find not only words in title, say ‘honey-roast ham’ but also any other files containing the word ‘honey’. Have searched various display options but have failed to resolve it.

  morters 10:58 08 Nov 2012

Sorry, typed out all those file types in Word with a new line for each and then cut and pasted here but it's all run together , hope it's still clear what I'm saying, even without commas!

  mgmcc 11:34 08 Nov 2012

I find Search Everything to be much better than the Windows search facility. You can type in a file name and it displays it almost instantaneously.

  morters 11:43 08 Nov 2012

Thanks,mgmcc. What exactly does it display as results?

  morters 11:48 08 Nov 2012

Sorry, mgmcc, should've read the link!

  morters 11:57 08 Nov 2012

Thanks again, mgmcc, that's much more like it! Though I still can't help wondering if there isn't a way to sort this wiothout having to download an extra bit of software!

  morters 12:52 08 Nov 2012

Thanks, Woowell, apologies for delay replying - lunch downstairs! Tried the quotes search but still got a load of unwanted stuff.Will read and digest the ehow articles. Thanks again.

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