Hiding A Recovery Partition

  Jake_027 20:35 11 Sep 2009

Earlier tonight I was advised in this thread click here that one of the partitions on a new laptop is to boot into recovery mode. It shows up as a 1.46GB partiton with no files on in windows explorer, so to stop anything being added to it I'd like to hide it so it doesn't show up in my computer/windows explorer. If I do that using the method click here , will it still be seen at boot or will it not be able to be accessed by the computer either. If so is there another way to hide it? The OS is Vista Home Premium.

Thanks again in advance

  BRYNIT 21:41 11 Sep 2009

If you just want to hide the partition go to control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management and remove the drive letter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:29 11 Sep 2009

If you "hide" the drive you will not be able to get at it when you need it to recover Vista

  Jake_027 00:12 12 Sep 2009

Righto, I'll leave it and make sure that my family know not to put anything on! Thanks again for your help!

  BRYNIT 00:19 12 Sep 2009

Removing the drive letter only hides the drive/partition in windows it does not prevent the Drive/partition from being seen when the computer is booted from a recovery disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 12 Sep 2009

But in this case Its the Access Via the F8 key on boot that will need to see a drive letter to access the Vista recovery tools.

If you "hide" the partition by removing the drive letter then F8 will not work when you need it and there will be no other way into the recovery tools

  BRYNIT 20:15 12 Sep 2009

Removing the drive letter in windows only hides the drive/partition from being seen in windows.

When booting on most upto date computers, pressing F8 usually brings up a boot menu and will shows the drives available. It will not show the partition on the drives. Well not on my computer it doesn't. Selecting the DVD drive allows you to boot from the recovery disc. This does not load Windows it does not rely on the letters assigned by Windows to the drives/partitions it assigns its own letters.

To confirm this I removed the drive letter from three partition on two drives from within Windows Vista. Partitions can not be seen until a drive letter has been reassigned. Rebooted my computer using a Paragon Drive backup boot disc. I selecting recovery, all drives/partitions were shown with a drive letter.

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I do not class myself as an expert but tend to check the information I supply before posting.

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