Hidden URL eliminator "Spider" no longer works

  naviator 00:53 15 Jul 2005

I have used this programme without any problem for a number of years installed in W98SE. My machine has never slowed down with passage of time since I started using it and, using it together with a reputable security suite - which includes a firewall - and a couple of anti-spyware programmes, I have avoided all viruses and malware. Suddenly however it has ceased to function. A virus scan has revealed nothing untoward. I have tried to download it again from its internet site but it now appears to be unavailable. Neither does my CD backup copy provide a solution when installed. I now have to revert to DOS to eliminate temporary files but hidden URLs remain. Something in my system has changed - perhaps via MS Windows updates. Can anyone offer an explanation?

  octal 07:11 15 Jul 2005

I have just gone into my Windows 98SE and my Spider works fine. And yes the site has gone.

If you still get problems try this program click here I have tried it for you and it works fine, its also got more features than Spider.

  naviator 15:34 15 Jul 2005

Thank you "octal" for the information concerning the website and for the note of the other programme. I will explore it more fully in due course. It looks very different from Spider but if it achieves the same result + more, that cannot be bad!

I am still curious about my copy of Spider not working on this machine. I suppose one could always re-format the hard drive and then re-install everything. That however is a very long and tedious process - but sometimes worthwhile, as I have found in the past.

  octal 18:40 15 Jul 2005

It is very strange indeed considering Spider is such a simple program.

When you say it's ceased to function, what happens when you try to run it? Do you get any error messages? It might be worth investigating that in case there is some other underlying problem.

  octal 18:47 15 Jul 2005

By the way, you can still download a copy of Spider from PC World click here

  naviator 23:39 15 Jul 2005

Octal - thank you once again. Have downloaded Spider from the site you mention and my old copy has been overwritten. However the result is still the same - after pressing Accept on the Select window the following appears: "Warning - Sorry, but the hidden URL cannot be removed". Very odd! Something is obviously blocking it in my machine. I have tried it with the security suite turned off but it makes no difference.

  octal 08:25 16 Jul 2005

It sounds like you might have something nasty in the index.dat.

How are you at using DOS? If you start the computer and keep tapping F8 until the menu appears, then select 'Start at command prompt' then type CD C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 then the return key, then at the C:\ prompt type DELETE INDEX.DAT then re-boot the computer. Navigate to C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 in Windows Explorer and see if its deleted index.dat, if it has next time you start IE it will generate a new one. You will probably have to do the same with all the index.dat files in the other locations because there is more than one of them.

  radi8or 08:52 16 Jul 2005


Excuse me butting in on your thread, but where are the other locations of index.dat and how many?

Regards Bob

  octal 10:10 16 Jul 2005

I'm sure navigator won't mind you butting in, because it will help him as well because I didn't mention the other locations. This site might help for the various locations:

click here

  radi8or 10:32 16 Jul 2005

Thanks for that octal very handy bookmarked for reference.

Regards Bob

  naviator 00:27 18 Jul 2005

Octal - in answer to your question I used DOS in the old Database2 days before Windows appeared.

Thanks for suggestion about index.dat files. Haven't had time yet to try that but will do so and will report result in due course.

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