Hidden programmes on start menu

  carper 10:00 17 Mar 2004

About a week ago someone posted a good list of hidden programmes. I thought I had copied it but I fouled up somewhere. Could someone repeat it. It doesn't appear in search. Thanks

  JerryJay 10:17 17 Mar 2004

You can delete it from start menu. It is just a link, not program itself. When you want to run it, use "My Computer" or "Explorer" (this is file explorer, not IE), go to directory find the program file, double click to run it. Better than install another program for this.

If your PC has multiple user account, you do not want other to see your program in start menu. Use "My Computer" or "Explorer" again, go to directory "Documents and Settings", you can find directory "All Users" (so do directory for other user accounts), find items you want to hide in "Start Menu", cut them and then Paste them to Start menu under your account directory.

  anon1 10:19 17 Mar 2004

Have you tried lookin in the forum archives of "about a week ago"

  anon1 10:21 17 Mar 2004

or did you mean this one click here
If you replied to the original post you could also look in "view your posting"

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