Hidden page content - a z-index problem?

  n0mad 16:41 08 Feb 2008

I'm in the process of 'modernising' a web site. I've gone some way with it, but am having trouble with page content that appears to be hidden - see click here If you resize the page the content appears. Development is temporarliy halted because I can't solve this problem. I've tried fidding with the z-index of the divs, but it seems to make no deifference. Any ideas much appreciated.

  MAJ 18:51 08 Feb 2008

For me, whether the page is maximised or smaller, the content is almost the same on IE7, Firefox and Safari. The only difference is that part of the red-brownish line on the left and right is missing in Firefox and Safari. click here

  n0mad 19:09 08 Feb 2008

Thanks for the feedback - I was aware of this issue with FF.
I think its an IE problem - to see what it looks like click here

The text that appears within the page content is what lies beneath the hover menus.

  Eric10 19:29 08 Feb 2008

I downloaded your page and stylesheets to test this and I found that the text did not appear when the page was loaded but come up if the browser was resized.

Don't ask me why this works but I've found that if I changed the padding in two places in your style-css.css stylesheet then it puts it right in IE7 but there are still the slight differences in Firefox and Opera.

Change the padding in #content to "padding : 5px 10px 293px 10px;" then the page always loads with the text visible and the content area reaches down to the footer. To get the footer to display at the correct width I also had to change the padding in #foot to "padding: .5em .3em .2em .3em;".

  Kemistri 20:40 08 Feb 2008

To help you along the development path, try Firebug. click here. You should be developing in a standards-compliant browser and then begin to debug in the buggy browsers.

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