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  sil_ver 23:21 21 Jul 2004

I've unticked all the appropriate boxes in the 'View' option but am still unable to access the 'System volume info' I get a message 'Access denied'when I d'click on it. Anybody know what I'm missing. I'm running W2Kpro but as the only user and I'm not on a network.

  [DELETED] 00:06 22 Jul 2004

Have you then used the "apply this to all folders" option?

  sil_ver 00:14 22 Jul 2004

where is this option?

  temp003 05:27 22 Jul 2004

In w2k, there's not much to see inside that folder.

But anyway, to access it, log on with an account with Adm privileges, right click the folder, Properties, Security tab.

Click Add. Then scroll down to find your account name (currently logged on). Highlight it. Click Add. Click OK.

Back on the Security tab, in the Name box, highlight the newly added account name. In the Permissions box below, see whether the ticked options allow you to do what you want to do. The default ticks should do. If so, just click OK. Then double click the folder, and it should open.

When you're done with the folder, go back into the Security tab, highlight the added account name, and click Remove, click OK, to restore the previous config.

  sil_ver 10:58 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for the info which worked for me, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be the system file I wanted to modify. The file I was looking for is the %systemroot%\inf file which according to MS is in the system folder. MS is a bit misleading as it says to look in Internet Explorer and click folder options. As far as I can see there is no folder option in IE. The knowledge base article is 259473 regarding audio CD error messages.

  temp003 11:05 22 Jul 2004

To access Folder Options, do it in Explorer (or My Computer), not IE. Click Tools, Folder Options. Alternatively you can access it in Control Panel.

For w2k, the folder you want is C:\WINNT\inf

%systemroot% just means the Windows directory for the OS in question. For w2k, by default, it is WINNT.

  sil_ver 11:14 22 Jul 2004

temp003. Thanks for that, it's just what I was looking for. Doesn't give one a deal of confidence in MS's knowledge base. If you read the article I mentioned you will see what I mean. I just hope the rest of it is accurate. Once again, thanks. Sil_ver

  sil_ver 23:05 22 Jul 2004

Problem solved using the MS knowledge base mentioned above. just needed to modify MS's wordage a bit. So thanks once again to you for your help..........sil-ver

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