hibernation worked until....

  grumpy-git 08:53 23 Jul 2005

I ran Powerquest Datakeeper for the first time last night. That is the only "out of the ordinary" thing I have done.

Tried system restore to a time before running datakeeper but it wouldn't restore.

Can't think of anything else.

When datakeeper was originally installed on this pc I am sure it didn't cause hibernation problems.


  grumpy-git 09:53 23 Jul 2005

At least it is a relatively quiet pc (except when working hard!) so I shall probably leave it on for longer periods, or use "standby" which still works.

Will check back over the next day or so to see if anybody else comes up with further messages.


  grumpy-git 14:40 29 Jul 2005

Nothing stranger than computers!

This morning I left the pc switched on but spent some time away from it. When I came back it was not running. Thinking to myself, did I switch it off earlier? No, I'm sure I hadn't, so I pressed the power switch and expected a wait of a minute or so as it powered up, but, it came out of hibernation instead.

So, the hibernation problem seems to have gone away.

Now all I need to do is find out why windows explorer occasionally hangs. That was another subject that as yet has not been resolved.


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