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Hibernating condition can I power off?

  Toneman 15:04 26 Jun 2012

I have recently started to use the hibernating condition with my old mains powered laptop running XP.What I am wondering is whether the PC is really dormant so that the power supply can be switched off but still resurrect without a long start up, or whether it's just in a very deep "sleep" mode so shouldn't be disconnected from the power supply?

  northumbria61 15:57 26 Jun 2012
  northumbria61 15:59 26 Jun 2012

And the answer to your question - If you’re on a notebook, make sure that your hibernate time is less than your battery time. Otherwise, your battery will drain before the option can kick in.

  Toneman 17:19 26 Jun 2012

Thanks, think this answers my poser, I'll try hibernate then switch off when I shut down today, with fingers crossed. I should only get the "windows did not shut down properly" message if all else fails...

  Batch 18:17 26 Jun 2012

My understanding is that hiberbate is a fully powered off state. The memory contents are written to disk and an indicator is set that indicates a hirenate state. When you next power up, the system goes to boot, but first checks the hibernate indicator, if it is set, rather than boot it restores your memory from the disk file. It follows that you should be able to safely turn off the power and remove the battery whilst in a hibernate state.

Contrast hibernate with standby where the memory contents are not written to disk (the system just goes to a low power state) and so all active processes and data in memory will be lost if you remove power.

  Toneman 13:58 27 Jun 2012

Just to update, recovered from hibernation ok this morning, but not much quicker than a reboot, although my old laptop isn't the world's fastest...

  Batch 17:54 27 Jun 2012

I use standby quite a lot on my desktop PC during the day. Instead of taking about 80 secs to boot, it is up in a few secs.

But I always power down overnight anyhow. I don't take with the idea of never / infrequently rebooting. I consider it risky as, if changes have been made (e.g. software updates) that have destabilised the system, one wants to find out about it sooner rather than later as one is in a much better position to remedy such problems then.

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