Hibernate/Standby Problems on WinXP Home

  MedMan 23:11 23 Jan 2005

My setup is an Evesham Evolution 2800 Blue Lightning containing a Pentium 4 3GHz, 1GB DDR RAM, 120GB Hard Drive, Radeon 9600 256Mb VGA/DVI-I/TV-out and 17" Viewsonic VP171S DVI plus Optical Drives. I am running Win XP Home SP2.

It was not until I had had the machine for several months that I attempted to put it into Standby or Hibernate. By then I had done a huge amount of work setting the machine up as I want it including partitioning the hard drive using Partition Magic and loading numerous programs.

The machine goes into both Hibernate and Standby OK, but it will not wake up correctly. The fans come back on but the monitor does not so I cannot do anything but a hard close down. The monitor flashes briefly to say 'No Signal' and then switches off. I have tried it with the analogue cable rather than the digital cable but the same thing happens.

Evesham will not look at the problem unless I have tried a full System Restore first. I am most reluctant to do that as there is no Win XP CD - just a set of Restore CDs that wipe the hard drive first.

I have updated the video driver in case that was the problem but to no avail. Can anyone suggest what else I could try to solve this problem.

  hugh-265156 23:41 23 Jan 2005

is windows all up to date and do you use a screensaver? click here

  MedMan 11:16 25 Jan 2005

My Winows is fully up-to-date. I have tried my setup both with and without a screensaver - it makes no difference.

I have followed your link but, after initially looking very hopeful, it has not led me to a solution. The majority of the article is about systems that fail to go into Standby or Hibernate. My system will go into these states. The problem is, it won't wake up again!

In case it is of any help, I have copied below the settings for Power Management in my BIOS:

The Power Management Features in my BIOS are set as follows:

ACPI Standby State S3/STR (Could be Auto or S1/POS)
Re-Call VGA BIOS at S3 Resuming Enabled
Power Management/APM Enabled
Suspend Time Out (minutes) Disabled
Power Button Function On/Off (Could be Suspend)
Restore on AC/Power Loss Last State

Set Monitor Events:
FDC/LPT/COM Ports Monitor
Primary Master IDE Monitor
Primary Slave IDE Ignore
Secondary Master IDE Monitor
Secondary Slave IDE Ignore

Set WakeUp Events:
USB Device WakeUp from S3 Enabled
Resume on PME# Enabled
Resume on RTC Alarm Disabled
Keyboard PowerOn Function Disabled
Mouse PowerOn Function Disabled

  MedMan 11:29 25 Jan 2005

Sorry - it's me again. I have confused your link with another sent to me by a friend. It lead to an article about systems that would not go into Standby/Hibernate. Your link takes me to a page specifically on my problem but, unfortunately, still does not solve it. I installed SP2 last Novemebr so, according to the page, the problem should now be fixed, but it isn't. Oh well! Thanks for the try - it should have worked.

  Graham ® 11:47 25 Jan 2005

Souds like the system is starting but the monitor is not getting a signal. Can you try another monitor?

  Stuartli 13:09 25 Jan 2005

If I leave my system in Hibernation for a fairly lengthy period and then "wake" it up, the system starts up again and then appears to hang once the bottom bar scrolling has ceased.

I eventually found that all that is required to complete the sequence is to move the mouse - presumably to exit the screensaver mode.

Otherwise try the "hit F5 rather than F6" tip during a repair installation of XP detailed in the February 2005 issue (115) of PC Advisor on page 132.

It worked for me after trying the tip; earlier, although XP would go into Hibernation, nothing would bring it back to life again after the initial startup sequence..:-)

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