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Hibernate Shortcut on Desktop - Windows XP

  Peter 17:24 22 Aug 2009


I know how to produce a Hibernate shortcut on the desktop of a Vista computer using the /h option of Shutdown,Exe, but the /h option does not appear to be available under XP.

I know that on the XP shutdown menu the Sleep button becomes a Hibernate button by pressing the Shift Key so XP can do Hibernation.

Perhaps there is a hidden /"?" option someone knows about?


  Peter 18:06 22 Aug 2009


Brilliant Sea Urchin. Works wonderfully. Do you know if this shortcut also works under Vista? The reason I ask is that the Vista shortcut using Shutdown.Exe /h does the job, but doesn't display any shutdown progress, whereas your one under XP does.


  Peter 19:43 22 Aug 2009


Thanks for the guidance Sea Urchin, I'll give it a try on the Vista machine.

I'll give this one the "Green Tick".

Thanks again for the help.


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