Hi, new to site -Sat Nav confusion

  petrouski 16:09 21 Jun 2010

Hi there, I saw on a previous forum discussions about sat navs but don't think it covered what we need help with. My husband & I are planning a trip around Europe for 6 months +, in order to prevent divorce and make our trip one to remember with good memories we need to find a sat nav that doesn't cost the earth but does the job. Cover's Europe, including eastern possibly and is fairly easy to operate. Oh, we are travelling in a 22ft motorhome so need not to be sent down tricky street and area's!!. Many thanks Petrouski

  rawprawn 16:21 21 Jun 2010

I would be tempted to pay £1 here for a months trial click here&_$ja=kw:sat+nav-reviews|cgn:CARSM-SANAV-STNAV%2bEXACT-GENRC%2bSatellite%20Navigation%20Review|cgid:1926542593|tsid:21614|cn:CARSM-SANAV-SPART-Sat+Nav|cid:47296963|lid:4097927167|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:4684075813
But you could look here click here
Sorry I can't really help my present one is built in and the only other I have used on the continent was a Garmin Street Pilot which did take me on some very tight roads
Enjoy your trip!

  Woolwell 17:20 21 Jun 2010

I've no idea how good these are but click here

  Woolwell 17:22 21 Jun 2010

See also click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 21 Jun 2010

I use a Garmin Nuvi 255 with European maps, saw it at a Computer fair yesterday for £89.

  sunnystaines 18:57 21 Jun 2010

click here

these are used by motorhomers for dimension restrictions on roads

  morddwyd 19:30 21 Jun 2010

Don't know what other gadgets you have, but I have both a PDA and a smart phone with SatNav software installed.

The advantage of this, of course, is that you can still find your way back to the car park when you are lost in the nether regions of Dusseldorf!

  john 52 19:43 21 Jun 2010

Have a look at the PocketGPS website there are plenty reviews and advice on there !!

also to compare prices have a look at

click here

click here

  sunnystaines 08:29 22 Jun 2010

done that too when lost in dusseldorf with our tomtom.

my fav city in europe, often go for their xmas market.

  anchor 08:38 22 Jun 2010

The pocketgps forum is very good for advice.

I would also suggest this forum

click here

You would need to register to post a question. They concentrate on TomTom, which many agree is the better make.

I suspect the models suggested by sunnystaines may be too expensive.

  ^wave^ 08:50 22 Jun 2010

having tried a few and listened to others sat navs ar great they do have limitations. like everything else roads do change someone got the map wrong and there could be other errors. so with that in mind the best as far as i can see is tom tom thats for ease of use and getting it right

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